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Cuddington Croft Local Governing Body

Cuddington Croft Primary School is part of GLF Schools Multi Academy Trust.  GLF Schools is made up of a number of Academies, each operating independently through its Local Governing Body. Whilst each governing body works independently with its own vision and character, the ethos of the Trust is that all academies will work collaboratively, to enable students and staff to flourish and grow through an educational model, where each of the component parts work together, with the strong supporting the weak and the weak challenging the strong

GLF Schools has a board of directors which established a Local Governing Body (LGB) for each of its schools, with delegated powers. The delegated powers are detailed within the GLF Schools’ Scheme of Delegation, which clarifies the working relationship between the GLF Schools’ Board, the LGBs and the CEO and the Executive Team.

Governing bodies are the strategic leaders of schools and have a vital role in ensuring that every child gets the best possible education. 

In all schools, governing bodies should have a strong focus on three core strategic functions:

  • Ensuring Clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction
  • Holding the Headteacher to account for educational performance of the school and its pupils; and
  • Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent.

Cuddington Croft Local Governing Body is comprised of voluntary representatives from: the community, parents and staff. The governing body reconstituted under the 2012 School Governance regulations, in October 2014 and there are currently thirteen members.  Parent governors are elected by the parent body; Staff governors are elected by staff and Ordinary (i.e. governors from the wider community) are appointed by the Local Governing Body.

Governors discharge their duties through full governing body meetings, committees and governor monitoring visits.  Governors also attend a variety of training, to improve understanding of their role and to keep up to date in the ever changing educational world.

To see the Governor Booklet please click on the link.

Name and

Special Responsibilities



Term of Office

in Years

Date Appointed

Mrs Dympna Foran

Chair of Governors

Ordinary 4 01.10.14
Mr Scott Maclean Headteacher whilst in post 09.11.12
Mrs Charlotte Nunes Ordinary 4 02.07.16
Vacancy Ordinary - -

Mr Thomas Millar

Ordinary 4 01.10.14
Vacancy  Ordinary --  

Mrs Claire Saul

Joint Vice Chair

Ordinary 4 01.10.14
Mr Craig Wilson Ordinary 4 01.10.14

Mr Stephen Brown

Joint Vice Chair

Parent 4 25.03.14
Mr Chirrag Patel Parent 4 20.10.14
Mrs Faye Thorp Parent 4 21.11.14
Mrs Vanessa Skinner Clerk whilst in post 31.10.16


Roles and responsibilities – agreed September 2016

Chair of Governors: Dympna Foran

Vice Chair: Claire Saul

Vice Chair 2: Stephen Brown

Cuddington Croft three year School Vision is:

Staying at the forefront of outstanding education by developing innovative teaching practices, whilst supporting the growth of others.

Strategic Plan governor responsibilities


Cultivate an exceptional teaching environment, encouraging all children to be inquisitive while providing stimulation and challenge as they grow and mature


Ensure children get the best possible start by evolving a fully integrated EYFS unit that supports and challenges all children equally


Developing a school that has an innovative researched base culture


Developing outstanding teaching that provides a foundation for exceptional progress and attainment throughout the school

Craig Wilson

Claire Saul

Dympna Foran

Chirrag Patel

Charlotte Nunes


Stephen Brown

Faye Thorpe

S Maclean/A Cunningham

Katherine Sage

C Chadwick/Sorrel Taylor

C Davies/L Lehane


Pay Committee

Tom Millar

Chirrag Patel

Craig Wilson (res)


Headteacher Appraisal panel

Dympna Foran

Stephen Brown

Faye Thorpe

Governors with additional responsibilities




Safeguarding inc. alleg.s vs. HT & E Safety

Mr S Maclean (DLCP)

Mrs A Cunningham

Mrs D Foran

Health and Safety/Estates

Mrs S Smith

Mr C Wilson


Mrs L Masarati

Mr S Brown

Governor Training

K Gawley (GLF)

Mrs C Saul


The Chair of governors may be contacted via the Headteacher or in confidence through the school office.

Local Governing Body List of relevant Pecuniary or Personal Interests - 1 September 2015 may be found here:

Please click on the link to view the annual report to staff and parents 2016.