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We are so lucky to have the brilliant facility of our swimming pool at Cuddington Croft. Our swimming pool is indoor and heated and used by children across the school. 

Swimming is a compulsory part of the curriculum from Reception to Year 5 whether pupils swim outside school or not.  Children swim for a term each year.  The School is very fortunate to have a pool on site, however it is costly to run, so we do ask for a contribution towards the running costs when your child is due to swim.  However, if insufficient donations are made, the school may have to consider cancelling swimming lessons for that year group. 

There are also after school swimming clubs, details will be circulated to parents via Parentmail.  For term dates, please see below.

Children who have been off school on the 48 hour sickness and diarrhoea rule must not go to the after school swimming club even to watch, this prevents contamination.


Timetable for school lessons - Spring Term

Riordan Class (Miss Lobo) – Monday afternoon,14th January to 25th March

Kinney Class (Miss Hind) – Tuesday afternoon, 15th January to 19th March and Wednesday 13th March (school trip on 12th March)

Cowell Class (Mr Miller) – Thursday afternoon, 17th January to 28th March

Morpurgo Class (Miss Taylor) – Friday afternoon, 18th January to 29th March


Timetable for after school swimming lessons - Spring Term

Tuesday 15th January to Tuesday 26th March

Wednesday 16th January to Wednesday 27th March

Thursday 17th January to Thursday 28th March