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Reading and Phonics

Reading and Phonics

Both phonics and reading are an integral part of children's learning throughout their years at Cuddington Croft.

Children receive high quality, interactive phonics lessons every day from Nursery to Year 2.  In Year 1 and 2, children are allocated into one of four groups across their year group in order to provide an appropriate level of challenge.  Occasionally children may join another year group for phonics if we feel this would better meet their needs, or continue to receive phonics teaching in Year 3 where appropriate.   In the summer term, Year 1 children take the national Phonics Screening Check.  We were very proud of our children’s scores for summer 2014, where more than 93% of children met the required standard.

Our reading programme bands books from a range of schemes into colours.  The books increase in difficulty in both phonics and comprehension and books are aimed to be challenging at both word and text level.  Alongside this the school uses Bug Club, an online resource that works parallel to the child’s reading band but offers comprehension activities as well as a wider variety of reading material.  Once children have passed through the reading programme, they take more ownership of their reading and choose books based on their own judgement.

For further information on the teaching of phonics please see below:

At Cuddington Croft we use the 'Bug Club' phonics programme in our daily phonics lessons. The programme uses videos, interactive games and ebooks to engage and excite children.

At Cuddington, we hope that our children catch the “reading bug” using the phonic based reading programme where they can connect to an online reading world at home and at school with access to fantastic print books and comics packed with child – friendly characters like Doctor Who, Wallace and Gromit, Ben 10 and a whole host of others.

Each child has their own Bug Club account – where teachers will allocate e-books regularly.

Please have a look at the documents in this folder for extra resources to help your child at home with Phonics.

By now, the children will have had good exposure to digraphs and trigraphs and the skills of decoding and blending.  These were explained at the Phonics and Reading Workshop earlier this year (slides available in this folder on our Year Group page, along with other helpful materials – please come and ask if you need any help!).

In the summer term we must perform the Year 1 Phonics Test with each child.  This will be on a 1:1 basis with your child’s class teacher and there are 40 words (some real words, some non-words) for the children to read.  Non-words have a little alien picture to remind the children that it is a nonsense word. We are not allowed to help – they must use their phonics skills/knowledge to read the word. 

We will begin to send home a set of words each week for you to look at with your child in order to get them used to the format of the test and practise their skills. As far as is possible, please encourage your child to read these to you independently, but for those that they find difficult, please remind them look for digraphs/trigraphs and to make sure they say ALL the sounds, being careful not to miss any out or jumble them up.  Watch out for non-words that could be mistaken for real words (e.g. boosk as books, slill as still and so on).

If you have any questions concerning the phonics then please make an appointment to see Miss Perry, her email is:

If you would like to do even more practice, you can generate your own lists on the website below:

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