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Year 3 - Marvellous Museum Trip

On Thursday 23rd February 2017, Year 3 were pumped with excitement because we were going on our very first trip to the National History Museum. We looked at the violent volcano exhibit because we were learning about them in our thrilling topic Shake, Rock and Roll. I have always wanted to go to the museum, so I was extremely excited.

3, 2, 1, GO!

First I went to the girls’ toilets so we were all ready for our great adventure. After that we checked we had our packed lunch and we waited patiently for everyone to arrive. Next, I cheerfully chose my partner to sit with on the coach. Finally, the coach came and we were ready for our magnificent museum trip.

Lovely lunch

When the journey was over, we jumped with joy as we got out of the coach. Although we wanted to go into the museum straight away, the teachers had to put us into our groups first so we would be safe. Because we were all extremely hungry, the first thing we did was to go to the magical museum’s picnic area for some delicious lunch. After that, we went up an amazing escalator which had a vast, glowing volcano at the top.

Vicious Volcano Exhibit

When we reached the top, I was ready to explore the exhibit. Full of excitement, we looked all around at the interesting 3D figures, touched the delicate volcanic bombs, and learnt some fascinating facts. Then we saw an earthquake machine! When we went on it we started quivering like jelly. Eventually, it was sadly time to go home.

I have never been to the National History Museum, so this was a terrific trip for me. Year 3 had the best time ever, especially when the whooshing wind outside nearly blew me into the air!

By Lottie Sutton – Cowell Class