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Year 5 Mayan Workshop

Yesterday, we were so lucky to have Past Productions come into our school for a Mayan workshop! A man came in dressed as a Mayan and he told us lots of things about the Mayans.

We learnt that a dot is one, a line is five and a shell is zero. Also, 70-80% of their diet was maize (but they also believed that their gods made them out of maize dough) so it was very important. We also learnt lots of other things and looked at some objects that they used. The chocolate they made was rich and strong, we were able to taste some but many of us didn’t like it. We did some drama based on their religion and culture and at the end of the day we did an exciting quiz to test our knowledge against all the other teams. It was a very fun day and we all had a brilliant time! We are now Mayan experts!

Guneet - Riordan Class