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Glyn Literacy Leader Visit to Year 6

Wow! What a great day! It started at 8:30am in the morning, and climbing into the minibus with my friends, Miss Picken and Mr Taylor, I looked forward to the work that we were about to do: going to Cuddington Croft Primary School to teach an English lesson to Year 6 students.
Upon arriving, we were taken to our respective classrooms in groups, one of three and one of four, to begin our lessons about Romeo and Juliet. We were ready for anything. The thing we didn't expect however, was to have a class with more than one person who had read the entire play! And in one of the classes, we even had a person who could pronounce one of the super-long words on the PowerPoint (which the teachers couldn't even pronounce), which were: 'pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis' and 'hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia.'
I also had a run-in with a cardboard robot, accidentally knocking it over and having a box of chocolates fall out of its back!
We thoroughly enjoyed teaching the lesson to a class of enthusiastic, engaged and hardworking students. The students produced great letters from Romeo to Juliet or Juliet to Romeo. Please see an example of a Year 6 student's work attached.
Nathan Selman, Glyn School Literacy Leader.