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Year 6 - Bourne Hall Remembrance Visit

Year 6 were really lucky to be invited to Bourne Hall to see the opening of a memorial garden yesterday. We walked over a mile and once we arrived we saw some geese and had some free time, whilst waiting for two other schools to come. Then, we were asked to join the other schools for a speech spoken by the mayor and also had a minute of silence to commemorate the soldiers who had been injured or killed in the war. A young choir from another school then sang a peaceful song to remember the people affected during the war. Then we were given poppy crosses to place around a lit candle.

After the ceremony, we had time to have our lunch and play. After this, we went inside for a World War 1 workshop. We were lucky enough to have an ex-soldier explaining information about the war and how we were affected. Holly and Nasir as well as a few other children were chosen to wear and display uniforms and artefacts. We saw a deactivated gun and other weapons (which were safe). We enjoyed listening and learnt so much about how much was sacrificed for us.

We all really enjoyed the day!


Aaminah and Rania - Rowling Class