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Year 5 Science Museum Trip

On Friday 3rd November, Year 5 went on a trip to the Science Museum to learn more about our topic, Poles Apart and our previous topic To the Stars. The first exhibition that we visited was all about space! Hundreds of the artefacts and models of the different space crafts and rockets that helped people travel to the moon were there for us to look at. We saw a life size model of the Lunar module, the first spacecraft to land on the moon as well as Buzz Aldrin’s space suit, who was one of the first men to walk on the moon. It was really exciting to see all of the different objects that people had used to travel to space because some of the rockets and space crafts were even bigger than we thought they would be.


After seeing the Space Exhibition that brought out To the Stars topic to life, we went to our workshop called ‘Feel the Force’. It was an interactive show, where we learnt about all different types of forces, such as gravity, friction, up thrust and air resistance. There were so many different types of experiments that we got to take part in and we learnt that people had even carried out some of these experiments on the moon! My favourite part of the talk was when Miss Taylor and Annie had to put on wigs, jog on the spot and throw the shotput across the room! We were all crying with laughter!


Our final part of the day included visiting the ‘Who Am I’ exhibition where we all got to play lots of games to do with the human body and who you trust. Year 5 really enjoyed their day at the science museum and learnt lots of new things!


By Lucy Foster and Riordan Class