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Year 6 - London Zoo Trip

Year 6 - London Zoo Trip – 14th November 2017 - By Kiana and Maya – Pullman Class

This week Year 6 have been extremely lucky and we have had the privilege of going to London zoo for a school trip! We have observed many unusual animals, which are only found from the wilderness, and have discovered facts about them that we never would have found out.

The animals were adorably cute and we were very amazed at the effort that went into making their homes look and feel just like their natural habitats in the wild! For example, as we came through the rainforest section we were astounded by how realistic it was because they had made it extremely hot and humid and had filled it with trees and bushes! This caused it to feel very much like an actual rainforest.

During our trip, we had an extremely exciting lesson about natural selection. We learnt about how different animals adapted to their environment and we also learnt about a beautiful corn snake named Olivia. Almost everyone in the year group felt the snake and were truly fascinated by her skin.

Our trip was absolutely amazing, and we learnt about lots of different animals. We extremely enjoyed it and would like to go there again.