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Science Dome - Year 2 and 6

Today, Year 2 and Year 6 had a great experience in the Science Dome. Year 2 learnt about space and weather. They watched videos which included information and were able to interact with the vidoes. They learnt about the water cycle and about natural disasters. They can now explain how the water cycle works and found the photos really interesting. They had a small test at the end and had all learnt so much. They also learnt about a storm which washed away a whole beach.


Year 6 learnt about lights and sounds. They learnt a lot of new information like Albert Einstein discovered sound waves and Christian Doppler discovered sound particles. They learnt about how light and sound travel and were amazed by the images that were projected onto the dome!


Both Year 6 and Year 2 enjoyed their time in the dome because it linked to their topics but it was a different way of learning.


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Eve & Imogen - Year 6

Jackson & Sophie - Year 2