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EYFS - Jungle Explorer Day

On Wednesday, the Early Years had our Jungle Explorer day. We all came to school dressed as an explorer and had a special visit from Hannah at Zoo Lab. She brought many animals with her that you would find in the Rainforest. We got a chance to handle the animals ourselves and learnt some interesting facts about them too!

Charlotte the tarantula has 8 legs, and 8 eyes. When she feels attacked, she throws her hairs at her attacker and it feels like a nettle sting.

Daphne the baby rat has large ears and very good hearing. Rats live in all kinds of places. They spend most of the day cleaning themselves and their friends.

Sam the hissing cockroach likes to eat everything! The male cockroaches have horns on their heads to help them fight others for food and a home.

Ronald the snake is from America. He likes to eat rats, mice and small birds. He can swallow his food in one go!

We were very brave when meeting the animals and it was great fun to experience a tiny chunk of the Rainforest!