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Year 4- Amazing Amazon at London Zoo

London Zoo


Year 4’s trip to London Zoo started at 8:10 Wednesday 20th 2019!

Everyone turned up and we were buzzing with excitement even more so when Miss Fernandes and Miss Davis announced “We are off to the coach and in ten minutes we will be on our way.”


The day really kicked off when our hour and a half coach trip ended and we walked through the entrance and saw thousands of wowed people. Eager to start our adventure, we waited to explore. 2 minutes later, we went to the aquarium and witnessed huge to miniscule types of fish. Then, we strolled over to the  workshop where little did we know we would be using thermometers to measure humidity plus temperature, binoculars to look closer at animals and a pen  and checklist to tick off the animals we see.

After that, we were given instructions and then went free in our group.

Mr. Hunnable’s group first went to walk in and meet the lemurs which were cute with their black and white ringed tail. We saw them eat all kinds of stuff like cheese and lettuce.


All at once we found our self going tom the lion house but before we got there we came across the bird house and in we went. It was filled with macaws and herons. Out we came and we couldn’t resist the urge to go into the reptile house, in the depths of the reptile house we watched crocodiles, alligators and lizards crawl around their zoo habitat.

Finally, we came into the lion house and to our surprise the lions were sleeping, cuddling up to each other. After sighting lion statues and live animals we were nearly out of time to get to the other groups for lunch!


Next, we came to the gorilla house and saw the most muscular monkey I’ve ever seen. For what felt like hours the gorilla posed and stood still.

To wrap up our trip year 4 went to the gift shop.


And there we were we got back on the coach and before you knew we were being picked up by our parents.

By Hugh