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School Fund

As you will no doubt appreciate, Government funding is under pressure, particularly in the current financial climate and this is reducing the amount of investment available to improve facilities for the children and to enrich their educational experience, which we want to provide.  Please see this link showing the likely impact on our school of the proposed changes.

More than ever, we rely heavily on the voluntary donations that parents generously contribute to the School Fund to ensure that we can continue with our programme of continuous improvement.  The funds we raise from parents are used in a variety of ways; we have an amazing swimming pool on site and it has also helped restock the main school library.  Additionally it has supported staff professional development and purchased classroom resources.

We need to continue this additional investment in your child’s education and therefore ask parents to assist the school by donating to the fund.

This is a voluntary contribution but, as a guide, we are suggesting to parents and carers an annual donation of £45 per child.  Any additional donations above this would enable us to enhance our facilities further.

We encourage the use of a standing order arrangement, (please see download below) to reduce administration costs. 

HMRC have introduced new rules on the claiming of Gift Aid. If you are a UK tax payer please complete and return the attached Gift Aid form which will enable the school to reclaim 25p of tax for every £1 donated. We ask that all parents and carers who are eligible complete the gift aid form (below) and return all the paperwork to the School Office as soon as possible. 

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