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GLF Schools

6C's of Cuddington

The 6Cs form the basis of our school values and are an important part of our daily life.  They are:







Our Star of The Week assemblies on a Monday focus on a different value each week.  They recognise when a child has been particularly (for instance) creative the week before.   A certificate will be sent home in recognition of this achievement.

The use of the 6Cs allows for opportunities for us to help the children to further develop as independent, thoughtful, cooperative learners.  Past experience shows that using this kind of system works best when it is also used at home.  We hope that the children will begin to use these words but it is very powerful if you can use them as well.  So if your child has behaved in an unkind way we will be challenging that behaviour by asking the child if they behaved in a caring manner, if they have lost their temper we will ask them if they acted in a calm manner, if they have produced a piece of work with very little effort and or thought behind it we will question them and enquire if they were fully committed to achieving the best piece of work that they were capable of.  If you could reinforce these words at home it will be all the more effective.