GLF Schools

GLF Schools


The Department for Education have launched new school food standards, to ensure that children increase their calcium intake, the revised standards state that:-

“Lower fat milk must be available for drinking at least once a day during school hours”- this does not include breakfast or after school clubs.

The best and most beneficial time for all children to drink milk is at mid-morning break. As well as the nutritional benefits, mid-morning milk keeps children hydrated between breakfast and lunch, helping them concentrate and learn.

We offer FREE milk for under-fives and to parents whose children are eligible to receive a Free School Meal (based on their income/benefits not universal infant free school meals).  If your child is entitled to ‘Free’ milk, this will be offered to them in class on a daily basis, you do not have to request this. 

We also offer subsidised milk for 5-11 year olds.  Please see the following website for further details and how to buy the subsidised milk.