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GLF Schools

House System


We run a house system which is very successful in terms of promoting team spirit, greater links between the different Phases in our school, pupil’s attainment, behaviour and self-esteem. 

There are 3 houses at Cuddington Croft, each representing a place of local and historical importance: 

Lumley, Nonsuch and Whitehall. 

The house group colour for Nonsuch is red, for Whitehall the colour is blue and for Lumley it is green.

House points are used to reward extra effort made with learning and behaviour and are awarded, recorded and collected on a weekly basis. Significant achievements are celebrated in the bi-weekly newsletter.

Tokens are also awarded at lunchtimes.

Children are allocated into their house group in the autum term of Year 1.  All children are allocated their house group at random, but with the aim that house groups will be diverse and inclusive, with a fair mix in terms of gender, race, ability and so on.  Each house has a captain from Year Six who has been nominated, shortlisted by the School Council and then voted for by their house.