GLF Schools

GLF Schools

PTA Objectives

  • To be goodwill ambassadors for the school

  • To be a fundraising body for school projects

  • To be responsible for organising social events for the children, parents and the local community

  • To be responsible for providing a support role to the school when the wider community is involved

How we raise money


The majority of our funds are raised through the events that we run. Some of our most popular events are the Summer and Christmas Fairs, Bags2School, Quiz Nights, Sponsored Swim, Children’s Discos, Fireworks and Summer Ball.

We are fortunate to have other opportunities open to us to raise money. Donations are also extremely important. This can be in the shape of time, money, items for sale, donations for raffles or offers of services and skills.


How you can get involved


You could become a class representative and act as a communication link between the parents in your class and the meetings. You could contribute your ideas and suggestions for new activities and how to improve what we already do. You could sell raffle tickets, support or organise the running of events. You could offer your skills, contacts or useful information.

And, of course, we could not survive without all those who offer their time. Just an hour really helps: on the stalls, at the fairs or serving refreshments at school events.

Requests for volunteers are often sent out via the minutes, newsletters or via class reps. It is easy to get involved in a variety of PTA projects, whether they are annual events or smaller maintenance requirements.

Please contact us with any ideas, suggestions or offers of help that you may have. We really appreciate all your feedback and welcome assistance regardless of how small.

Email us giving your child’s name and class.


Who’s Who


Cheryl Moore




Caroline Haines

100 Club

Elaine Burge 

Class Rep Co-ordinator 

Elaine Burge


Alice Kiddell

Cheryl Moore

Kalli Pasqualucci

Alan Hodgson

Communication Officer