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At Cuddington Croft, we aim to inspire the scientists of tomorrow through an engaging and hands-on curriculum.  We have a structure whereby we ensure the children use a range of skills: remembering, understanding, applying, analysing, creating and evaluating. 

Remembering: learning of the basic concepts e.g. list the planets or label parts of the body.

Understanding: children explain their learning in their own sentences or verbally.

Applying: application to an experiment or an activity that uses their own knowledge.

Analysing: an analysis of the experiment or activity -  what have they found out?

Creating: design their own experiment from an open question

Evaluating- evaluation of the experiment and discussion of what they could improve.

Depending on the amount of Science in the Inspire topic the year group is following, there may be a Science Day or the Science may be taught weekly. Either way, there is ample time for the children to get stuck in and enjoy their Science learning!


One exciting day in the Science calendar here at Cuddington Croft is the Science Fair.  Children have the option to take part and possibly become crowned Cuddington Scientist of the Year.  Winners from each class and each phase, along with the overall winner, will head to Royal Holloway, University of London, to take part in the Grand Final with other GLF schools to have the chance of being named GLF Scientist of the Year! Please see the slideshow attached for more information.


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