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In September 2015, we introduced a new initiative in our school.  This programme is called “Packtypes” and was introduced as a means of helping the children understand both themselves and others better. This year, we will be building upon the foundation we set last year, with the aim that all of our children will become more self-aware, reflective and inclusive of others.

How does Packtypes help children?

  • Helps them recognise that they are talented and worthwhile, regardless of where their talents lie.
  • Helps them look after their friends and classmates.
  • Helps them understand their own learning style, and recognise that different people learn in different ways.
  • Helps them understand how to bring out the best in siblings, classmates and even teachers.
  • Helps them learn about mutual respect, the power of cooperation and teamwork.​

How does Packtypes help teachers?:

  • Helps them to build stronger relationships with students and parents.
  • Helps them to recognise their natural teaching strengths
  • Helps them to adapt to the needs of different children
  • Helps them to work more closely with other teachers.

In a previous Parent Questionnaire, some parents said it would be helpful to have a bit more information about Packtypes.  Below, you will find some PDF files explaining what the different Packtypes may look like in children. There is also a description of what each Packtype will look like in adults. In addition to this, we have included some information about how Packtypes can help the Teacher-Pupil relationship.

Children and parents in Reception will be introduced to Packtypes during the Spring Term.

If you would like to find out more about Packtypes, you can visit the website