GLF Schools

GLF Schools

Trips and Visits

Cuddington Croft operates a number of day educational visits for all children from Reception upwards. 

Within Years 4, 5 & 6 the children can take part in residential visits. 

Under the terms of the Education Reform Act, 1988 we may not make a direct charge for each child but we ask for contributions.  No student will be prevented from going on a trip if their parents are unable to pay for it, but if insufficient contributions were received, the school would have to consider cancelling the trip as there is no provision in the school budget.  Should you wish your child to take part in a trip but you have difficulty in affording the contribution, please contact the school office in confidence to enable us to discuss ways in which we can assist you.

An consent form is sent home annually for parents to complete and sign which covers local trips and day visits.